Welcome Fellow Nerds!

You have found my home page, and with it a bunch of cool stuff.
I write games. I make videos about games, arcades, pinball. Generally I have fun and like to share what I do.

I have put all the games I have worked on into the ITCH.IO website, which is a bunch of Indie Game Developers hangout for posting their work. I will be posting my updates at that site.

I have not updated many videos in the last few months. Programming has taken priority for a while. You can see my youtube channel at
Please subscribe and get notified of any updates. The last set of videos was a Course in writing a quick game in Unity. It is actually one of the games I have posted below (Sabotage)


Other than what I listed above. I am occasionally on twitch, usually lurking the pinball streamers. I also eat pancakes and drink too much coffee. And I usually google everything on facebook and get mad at the world. Do your part, GO VOTE!

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